Prices for Sporting Events

Thank you very much for considering me to photograph your player(s)  or event(s)!

If you should have any questions or if your request doesn't fit into what I have below, please don't hesitate to reach out to me here or use the "Contact" link in the menu.

Individual Athlete Photo Packages

These includes 6-10 edited (digital) images of your favourite player.

Single player - $150

Multiple players from the same team - $100/player

Full team - $75/player

For more than one player, I like to attend a minimum of two games to ensure that I can get enough quality pictures so please ensure that you have enough games left in the season.

Sporting Events (more than 3 games)


This is for multiple games where the emphasis is on capturing the story of the game and not every player.

An example is when I was hired by Hockey Canada to shoot the Telus and Esso Cups.

Tournament Organizers


At no cost to the tournament committee, I operate based on individual photo packages. What is required on your part is to help promote my photo services to the teams or provide me with the email addresses of the team managers so that I can sell my photo packages. In exchange you get access to images for your marketing and promotional purpose.

Please note, that I would need a minimum of 10 packages sold.

Thanks again for your interest and we wish you a great day!



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