Copyright - AJHL 2019-20 Season

The following applies to the AJHL ("League"), Calgary Mustangs, Calgary Canucks, and the Okotoks Oilers ("Teams").

The Copyright conditions provided are designed to create a level of comfort on behalf of the League, Teams, and myself for the use of the images provided.

All images are copyright to Chad Goddard (the Photographer) and I retain all rights to the images.

Images may not be altered in any way without the permission of the Photographer with the exception of cropping the image for size. Any Photoshop or other editing of the image must have the permission of the Photographer.

The images available are free to use by the Teams and the League with the following conditions. 

Social Media

Instagram - The user is to credit the Photographer and link to @chadegoddard

Twitter - The user is to credit the Photographer with a link to @chadgoddard77"

Website - The user is to credit the Photographer's full name 'Chad Goddard' and link to

Promotional Use

The Team and/or League may use the images found on this website for use in promoting the league, teams, players but the user must credit the Photographer's full name 'Chad Goddard'. This may also be in the form of printed media such as program guides, posters, magazines.

Any promotional item that will involve the image being printed in a size greater than 5 x 7 inches will need to have written permission by the Photographer. This is to ensure quality control as specific size printed photos require a minimum image size.

Commercial Use

The Team and/or League may not sell the images or sell anything that uses the image with the exception of program guides or for Charity use.

Commercial licences purchased have a life of 5 years after which the purchaser will need to secure another commercial licence.

The Photographer reserves the right to manage the printing of any picture 8 x 10 or larger and the price for the image(s) is on the "Pricing" page on this website. This includes laser printing on to wood or other material.

The exception is for any promotional or marketing item such as Magazines or Ticket posters. 


The Team and/or League may use the images for awards or sponsor appreciation, however, to ensure image integrity, permission must be received from the Photographer prior.

For anything that is not covered by the above, please contact the Photographer.



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