Oilers Win!! Oilers Win!

Jan 9 Oilers vs Brooks_1093-ARW_DxO_DeepPRIME

Consider this a bonus blog but if the Oilers keep beating the Bandits, I'll keep putting out bonus blogs!

Oilers Athletic Therapist, Courtney Owen, bumped into me in the hallway and told me with no amount of uncertainty that she wasn't surprised that the Oilers were playing this well and leading the Brooks Bandits after 1!

"The intensity in the room is unreal!", she said, "The boys are pumped for this game!"

Pumped they were! Arriving late (My grandson had a game in Esso Minor Hockey week!) outside I could hear the PA announcer reading out another goal but he sounded energetic, the kind of enthusiasm when the home team scores. Hmmm, they must have scored. Nice. Hope it's close. Walking in it was 2-0 and I wasn't surprised but... OK... I was surprised!

Finishing their checks, taking the hit to make the play, covering their assignments with flawless execution and getting timely saves from netminder Parker Sawka, the Oilers should how they could play.

Nolan Flint prepares to take the hit to make the play.

Jan 9 Oilers vs Brooks_0722-ARW_DxO_DeepPRIME

But therein lies the problem.

I'm sure Coach Tyler gave the boys their kudos on executing the plan and having EVERYONE show up to play but I'm also sure that he probably said, "BUT WHY CAN'T YOU PLAY LIKE THAT EVERY GAME???" I used caps because Coach yells alot.

He's exactly right. showing what they can do has raised the bar lest they follow in the unsuccessful model of the Calgary Flames where you only get up for games against the top teams and sleep walk through the games against "lesser" teams. The math says there are more lesser teams so if you win those and lose the others, you will be near the top of the standings. Just saying. It's math. Old AND new math. Isn't ALL math old math?

Rodeo in January!

  • Jan 9 Oilers vs Brooks_0695-ARW_DxO_DeepPRIME
  • Jan 9 Oilers vs Brooks_0704-ARW_DxO_DeepPRIME

Commanding a 4-1 lead going into the 3rd period.... then it happened.

Kitty didn't bar the door and they let Brooks back in the game with a  power play marker at 2:48 and then another at 3:44!

Now it was 4-3.

It was during this time that Nolan Flint did a rope-a-dope on Brooks Joshua Zinger but luckily no call was made! (I actually thought there was but in chcking the game sheet Mr Flint went penalty free. Buy a lottery ticket, Nolan!

I'm surprised a timeout wasn't called, however, the boys managed to survive the avalanche of Brooks activity with Sawka standing on his head to keep the guys in the game!

19:44 of the 3rd period.

The cardinal sin in hockey occurred.

Okotoks was assessed a Too many men penalty! Due to the excitement, nervousness, intensity, communication broke down and an error was made.

Brooks called a timeout, drew up their X's and Ohs and tried to even up the score. Long story short, the Oilers survived and handed the #1 team in the CJHL their 2nd regulation loss!

First star of the game

First Star of the game.


-Referee Flad or Stinn, I don't know which as they don't have numbers, deserves a kudos from yours truly. When in the corners, he would always quickly glance over his shoulder to see where I was and, when possible, he would move to the side to make sure he wasn't blocking me! Whoa! Christmas came early!! 

- Conyr Hellyer's family won the 50-50 on this night so I'm sure they took him to the George to celebrate!

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