Oilers win three in a row!

Jan 14, 2022 - Okotoks Oilers win 3 in a row by defeating the Sherwood Park Crusaders 2-1

Sherwood Park entered Friday's game playing .500 hockey for the new year having fallen into the win one/lose one trend that turns coaches hair gray!

Led by their leading scorer Mitchell Joss, the Crusaders were trying to at least continue that tradition as they lost, albeit in OT, their last game to the Canucks 2-1.

Fresh off the announcement that Oilers Lorenz and Singleton were named to the NHL scouting mid-term rankings, 24th and 192nd respectively, the team wanted to continue their winning ways and make it 3 in a row after the huge upset against Brooks last week, 4-3! They've had a week to recompose and regroup and they have to know that they can't take the Crusaders lightly or they will be the ones walking off the ice with heads hung low.

Sherwood Park came out of the gates flying...like Gangbusters...er.. they came out playing really well and took it to the Oilers in the first oh... 10 minutes of the game? Being out shot and out hustled it wasn't surprising that Okotoks took a penalty. It was on the second penalty of the game, however, that their tide began to change! While short-handed, Riger Lorenz grabbed the puck, flew up the ice, splitting the d and scored the games first goal! 

Or so I think that's how it went. In the suicide box I saw him skating up the ice and then Sherwood picked this time to change up, blocking my view, and then I heard the puck go in. Soooo I didn't get a clear shot. I didn't get any shot! But he did score! In the intermission I told him that since I didn't capture it, he would need to do it again and wouldn't you know it, short handed AGAIN he goes in on the goalie but this time he was stopped! THAT would have been too funny!

  • Jan 14, 2022 - Okotoks Oilers win 3 in a row by defeating the Sherwood Park Crusaders 2-1
  • Jan 14, 2022 - Okotoks Oilers win 3 in a row by defeating the Sherwood Park Crusaders 2-1
Jan 14, 2022 - Okotoks Oilers win 3 in a row by defeating the Sherwood Park Crusaders 2-1

After Sherwood tied it up in the second period, it stayed that way until halfway through before Ty Yoder, fresh off injury, broke in and scored in what held up as the game winning goal! His celebration, arms outstretched, was held for so long that I think he was waiting to gain air!

The third period remained scoreless, however the Oilers tried to let the Crusaders back into the game by taking countless penalties. Team discipline is something that they will need to work on if they want to go far in the playoffs.


- Oilers alumni, Jacob Bernard-Docker, made his hometown debut in the NHL Thursday night as his Ottawa Senators defeated a lack lustre Calgary team 4-1. Jacob's family and friends were in attendance along with Oilers current bench boss Coach Tyler!

So, did Coach Tyler refrain himself or did he fall into habits and start yelling at Jacob on the ice?? One thing is for sure, if he did, Jacob would have heard him as the building was near empty.

- Can we call it 0.500 hockey anymore? Mathematically speaking it hasn't been the case since the extra point was awarded for being tied in regulation. Case and point the AJHL. Only 3 teams are "below 0.500" which kind of is impossible. Half the teams should be above 0.500 and the other half below. We need to change it to Playing poorly or Playing Goodly, I guess!

- there were a few minutes at the start of the game when Oilers D man Jamie Weller lost his stick and play was in Okotoks end. Using his feet, he managed to do an admirable  job "skate-handling" the puck away from opponents and blocking shots! I couldn't for the life of me understand why no forward gave them their stick? Coach Tyler was wondering the same thing too as I heard him asking that question also.

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